On September 19, 2012, Nevada Senator Harry Reid apparently took to the Senate floor to (illegally) campaign against Mitt Romney.  He ranted about how Mitt Romney was hiding this and avoiding that.  All speculation with zero proof of any of his suppositions!

Mitt Romney’s recently released tax return indicated he paid a little close to 14% of his income in tax last year.  Reid didn’t point out that more than half of Romney’s income came from Long Term Capital Gains, which the government taxes at 15%!  If Reid doesn’t like rich people paying less taxes on their long term investments, why doesn’t he propose legislation to remove the limit on Long Term Capital Gains??  Let investors pay the same tax rates for all their investment income.  Mitt Romney isn’t a criminal because he pays (only) what he has to!!

Reid said nothing about the 16.4% of Mitt’s income that he gave as charitable contributions.

Most telling, Harry Reid also tried to paint Mitt Romney as a hypocrite with the following statement:

Mitt Romney believes in two sets of rules – one for millionaires and another for the middle class.

That’s funny, because I know that Harry Reid regularly votes for legislation that applies to all citizens of the United States EXCEPT the Federal Government!  If that’s not “two sets of rules”, I don’t know what is?!?!

Mitt Romney’s “two sets of rules” – subjective and very hard to prove.  Harry Reid’s “two sets of rules” – objective and a matter of public record!