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CHASE prevents homeowner from paying his mortgage

A man from Framingham, Massachusetts may lose his home to CHASE after CHASE makes it impossible for him to pay his mortgage!

Here’s the complete story about a man who is trying to repair his house after extensive damage due to extreme winter conditions.  He received a $50,000 check from his insurance company, but the check is made out to both the homeowner and the mortgage company (CHASE).  CHASE said they won’t sign the check over to the homeowner until the homeowner performs over half of the repairs.  Now that he’s done that (and depleted his savings and retirement funds, and causing him to fall behind on his mortgage), CHASE is saying he’ll have to perform 90% of the repairs instead and catch up on his mortgage before they’ll release the check!?!  I’m sure it’s ILLEGAL for them to withhold the check until he pays up his mortgage – that’s UNRELATED to the insurance payment and would probably constitute fraud on CHASE’s part?!  Typical big-bank attitude – make the customer twist in the wind while CHASE does absolutely nothing except make things more difficult for their customer!  Why doesn’t CHASE meet the homeowner half-way, cash the check and pay 50% of it to the homeowner?  That sounds too simple, huh??

This is just one example why we haven’t done any business with any CHASE company for over 20 years!

YouTube (a.k.a. Google) makes reporting abuse (nearly) impossible!

I am SO TIRED of large companies like Google who don’t want to provide support for their own products and would rather you check with the “community” support board for your answers!  I attempted to send an email to YouTube’s abuse email address ( to report a video that I believe was violating their terms of service, and I got back the following reply:

This is an automated response to let you know that your message has been
caught by our spam filter and won't be read. It appears that you have
reached us at an incorrect address. The best way to get a hold of us is by
visiting the Help Resources page at
or checking out our Contact Us page:

Please don't reply to this message -- we won't get your response.

By looking through our Help Center, you should be able to find a solution
to, or report your problem. You'll also be able to gather the information
we need to best assist you.

Anyone with half a brain knows that putting a spam filter on an abuse mailbox is a stupid idea.  Of course what I’m sending you may look like spam BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I’M TRYING TO REPORT TO YOU!!!  Google seems to do everything in their power to not have to read emails from their customers!