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Here’s an ISP that can’t spell “ISP”

In my “spare” time, I report phishing sites to the owner of the domain whose server has been hacked by phishers.  I usually email the admin and technical contacts for the domain to let them know the server for their domain has been compromised.

I ran across a domain whose technical contact email address was “”.  I sent an email to that email address (as well as the other contacts for the domain) and received the following reply:

—– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–
(reason: 550 5.7.1 <>… No such address here”)

—– Transcript of session follows —–
… while talking to
>>> DATA
<<< 550 5.7.1 <>… No such address here”
550 5.1.1 <>… User unknown
<<< 503 5.0.0 Need RCPT (recipient)

No big deal.  I run across this situation often enough.  I’ll just let the ISP ( know that their email address is broken and they’ll fix it, right??

I found their online support site and entered a “ticket” to let them know that the email address for the technical contact (on domains registered via their services) was not working so they could fix it.

10 days later (yes, I said TEN DAYS!), I get the following in an email from “”:

This message concerns your Ticket #150444. We have not received any response back from you in 240 hours, and would like to know if you consider this issue to be  resolved. If you have any further questions, simply respond to this Email.

Subject: Please fix this…
Department: Info
Priority: Low
Status: Open

Please note that the Ticket will automatically be closed within 48 hours if no response is received from you. The Ticket will not be closed in the case that you  send another reply. Customer Care

I checked the ticket online, and they didn’t do a thing!  I checked if the email address was fixed, and it wasn’t!

I posted a followup on the ticket system asking if this is how they fix things?  With no response, I decided to call them directly after a few hours and see why nothing had happened in 10 days??  I spoke with a “Customer Care” person who finally suggested he was going to move the ticket to the “billing” department since this was an “internal” issue (it’s their own email address, not one of their customer’s).

2 days later, someone finally picked up the ticket, ignored what I wrote, and responded with the following:


This ticket does not list any client name or account. Please provide the domain name or client name in question so that we can assist you.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Customer Care Department

Hey, Alicia, did you even read my original ticket??  It sure doesn’t look it!

After suggesting that she re-read the original ticket, she basically dismissed the complaint telling me the following:

As this is an internal issue to our company, we will be closing this ticket without any further response.

She closed my ticket, and at this moment (some 6 or more hours later), the technical contact email address ‘’ STILL DOES NOT WORK!

If you’re really bored and you’d like to see the entire ticket contents, I made a copy of it here:

Legitimate businesses don’t need to block their Caller-IDs!

Why does ANY legitimate business think they need to block their Caller-ID?!?

I just received a call from Network Solutions “Technical Support” about a complaint I filed with them.  Aside from the fact that they were passing the buck on the problem I reported to them, what possible reason could they have compelling them to block their Caller-ID?!?  I just don’t get it!

Blogspot (Google) does it’s best NOT to help!

If you read my previous post about the PayPal scam, you may have noticed that the blog was posted on a ‘’ blog, which is owned by Google.

I went to the Blogspot web site to see where I can report the scam blog?  Here’s a page with a heading “How can I report abuse?”:

Near the bottom of the page is the line “If you’ve read the Terms of Service and believe that you’ve found a blog that violates our Terms of Service, please click here to report abuse.”  The link goes to here:

Note that the new page has no other obvious link to report the abuse except the link near the bottom:

That link takes you back to the first “Report Abuse” page! (see above)

There’s no real way to report an abusive blog – this is nothing but a “Google circle-jerk”!

Stupid PayPal scam for stupid victims

Wow!  Talk about stupid.  Here’s a new scam for people who want to scam other people!  (actually, it’s a new twist on an old scam)  This  guy claims to be posting a “How to Hack into PayPal” blog entry.

(I don’t now how long the blog will actually be available?)

They claim you can get info on someone else’s PayPal account by using a “special email address” and by formatting your email just the right way!  They claim this works with any target PayPal account that uses Yahoo! or Hotmail account.

What they’re really doing is betting on the greed of the victim and having them send their own PayPal email address and password (along with the “target’s” PayPal email address) via this special email in order to “fool” the PayPal email processing system into giving the victim the account info for some other PayPal account.

I can’t say I’d feel too bad for the people who are dumb enough to fall for this scam because the premise is that they (the real victim in this situation) are trying to illegally obtain information about someone else’s PayPal account.

Don’t worry people – there’s plenty of stupid to go around…

I hate blog spammers!

I hate spammers!  Especially those who would try to take advantage of my new blog!!!

Stupid spammer

Stupid spammer

Please feel free to add “” to all your spam mailing lists!!  :o)

Insignia (Best Buy) thinks their customers are STUPID!

OK.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  After dealing with Insignia’s (Best Buy’s brand) “technical support” people, I decided it was time to share my frustration with the world.

Last Sunday, I purchased an Insignia brand 19″ 720p LCD TV/DVD Combo from Best Buy for our bedroom.  It looked nice in the store and my wife wanted something that could play DVDs.  The price was decent enough ($229).

After I connected the TV and had it all set up, I was checking out all the settings.  I noticed that buried deep in the setup menus was a “Wake Timer” and a “Sleep Timer”.  I love those features.  The Wake Timer makes a good second alarm clock, and the Sleep Timer is nice to have so I don’t leave the TV on all night because I fell asleep.

The first odd thing I noticed was that the Wake Timer included a Year, Month, and Day setting.  If that wasn’t odd enough, it didn’t allow me to select “any year” or “any month”.  In essence, I could only set the Wake Timer to a single time in history!  On one of my other TVs (20 years old), I’m used to leaving the time at 7:00AM and having it work every day I enabled it.  This TV would force me to set the actual date I wanted to have it “wake” me EVERY TIME I wanted to use it!  Did I mention the Wake Timer setup was DEEP IN THE SETUP MENUs?

Secondly, I found that the Sleep Timer (in the same deep setup menu as the Wake Timer) allowed me to set the shut off delay to 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, … minutes.  Not bad.

What troubled me is that there is no button on the remote to enable and disable the Sleep Timer or the Wake Timer.  If I wanted to use either of these 2 features, I needed to go into setup, select Settings, scroll down to Time, and then scroll down to Sleep Timer or Wake Timer.  I counted AT LEAST 16 button pushes just to set the Sleep Timer.

I use the Sleep Timer when I’m going to bed, which means I’m probably a little tired already, and I usually dimmed the lights already.  I don’t want to play with the remote and have to hit 16 buttons in the correct order just so the TV can shut itself off in an hour!  Similarly, if I want the TV to turn on in the morning, I need to go through the setup menus and set the DATE and time (at least 16 button pushes on the remote) every single night!

I decided to call Insignia’s technical support line to see if there was some short-cut I was missing?  I dialed the number on the back of the TV manual and was handed to an “automated assistance” system (you have no idea how much I HATE those things!).  After asking a few questions, it stated it was forwarding me to the appropriate department.  I heard a little ringing, then silence.  More silence.  After an unreasonable period of silence, I hung up and tried again.  Same thing… silence.  I tried a third time.  Finally, I got to talk to a real person.

After a bunch of silly questions that had nothing to do with my actual questions/concerns, I described my situation to the tech support guy.  I asked him “how do I activate the Wake Timer and Sleep Timer from the remote?”  He said I can only use those timers via the setup menus.  I questioned the usefulness of a simple feature like a Sleep Timer that was so complex to set up and use.  After poking around his notes, he asked to put me on hold “for just a few seconds” while he investigated it further.

Eight minutes later, he came back on the line and told me that the Wake Timer and Sleep Timer features were “not very common” and that’s why the remote doesn’t have buttons for them.  His reasoning was that if there was a button on the remote that activated the Sleep Timer, and if a customer accidentally pushed that button, the customer would be confused when the TV shut itself off and the customer would bring the TV back to the store for repair thinking it was broken!

In essence, Insignia was worried that stupid customers would not realize what the Sleep Timer was and think their TV was broken if they accidentally enabled it because it’s “not a common feature”!!

Best Buy and Insignia must think they have really stupid customers!!

Welcome to!

That’s it… I’ve had enough!!  I’m tired of people who are supposed to have the answers, BUT DON’T!  I’m tired of people WASTING MY TIME and then saying “Thank you for your patience” (as if I had a choice)!  YOU’RE NOT WELCOME!! I need to vent! I need to get some of this off my chest!! It’s time for me to expose all these stupid companies and people.

In this blog, I hope to share with you my first hand experiences with people and companies I’ve had to deal with and their ridiculous excuses for what they call “technical support“, “customer service“, etc.  I don’t know how much good it will do, but I’ll feel better when I’m done.  :o)