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I’ll decide for myself if meat looks fresh, thank you!

I was just at the supermarket and I saw this written on a package of hamburger meat:

Meat Freshness


Really?  You want me to take your meat even if it starts discoloring and doesn’t “look” fresh to me (because you say so)?  Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I’ll stick with bright red being my first clue about the freshness of meat, thanks!


Why does AT&T have to lie to their customers?

I don’t understand why AT&T feels the need to lie to their customers about the most basic of things?!?  Sure, we’re waiting for your web page to load, but don’t lie to us about the reason it takes 10-15 seconds to load!

For 95% of their customers, the time it takes for the web site to load HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONNECTION SPEED!

RedCondor ISP not smart enough to accept outside help?!?

A friend of mine is trying to email someone whose email account is hosted by ‘’.  The mail servers for this domain are apparently run by a company called RedCondor.  One of the mail servers lives on IP address and does not appear to respond to the rest of the world.  Any attempt to connect to port 25 (the standard mail port) simply times out, while all the other mail servers listed for that domain accept connections with no problem.  I first called RedCondor almost 24 hours ago, alerting their technical staff that one of their mail servers was unresponsive.  The support person confirmed my claim and said he’d immediately reboot the server.

Several hours later, I checked, and the mail server was still unresponsive.  Several more hours later, with the server still being unresponsive, I contacted RedCondor again.  This second person seemed to not quite understand the issue, but said he’d look into it.

This morning, I checked the server again (from at least 3 different places on the Internet), and it was STILL unresponsive.  I called RedCondor one more time and let their “tech support” staff know that their mail server was dead.  Instead of recognizing that they had a dead server that their customers rely upon to get their mail, this support person insisted on knowing who I was and who the customer was who was having problems.  I told him the customer was an ‘’ user who’s email was not getting delivered because the mail server was down.  He told me I needed to get that customer to call in with the complaint.  I told him that WHO the customer is was not relevant since anyone trying to email an ‘’ user could have the same problem.  Plus, it turns out that the ‘’ domain used the same set of mail servers, so anyone trying to email ‘’ might also run into the same problem!!  He didn’t seem to get the connection.  He said he would take my name and number and have someone else call me back so I could insult them.  I gave him my name and number – let’s see if I ever get a call back or if they ever fix their mail server?!?

The sad thing is that RedCondor is obviously part of a company called EdgeWave, who seem to specialize in email delivery systems.  Their own Support pages tout their “team of highly skilled and responsive in-house technical support representatives, who understand the importance of your support issues and your time, stands behind our products.”  In this case, not so much!!

People like these make me wonder why do I even try sometimes?