I get a kick out of Obama’s new ad attacking Mitt Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts for being #1 in per capita debt and #47 in job creation (apparently for the 4 year term from Jan. 2003 thru Dec. 2006, source: Moody’s 2007).  While Massachusetts was #1 in per capita debt, Illinois was #7 – not a whole lot better, and while Massachusetts was #47 in job creation,  Illinois was #46!  From the looks of it, Illinois was barely a step behind Massachusetts in the rankings.  (Funny how they don’t mention that in their ad?!?)  And guess who was U.S. Senator for the great state of Illinois during the last 2 years that Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts?  You guessed it: BARACK OMABA!  So for all that Barack Obama tries to attribute to Mitt Romney, as a U.S. Senator, it seems Barack Obama was no more effective in helping his own state reduce the debt and create jobs!?!?

FactCheck.org has an interesting and more detailed review of the facts, so I won’t bore you with them here.