TD Bank (my soon-to-be EX-bank) has been promoting their “TD Debit Card Advance” ever since new legislation made it illegal for them to force overdraft protection on Debit cards without authorization of the account owner.

TD Bank's ad for "TD Debit Card Advance"

TD Bank’s ad for “TD Debit Card Advance”

This is how it works:

  1. You attempt to purchase something using your ATM/Debit card
  2. You don’t have enough money in the account (for whatever reason) to cover the charge
  3. TD Bank “loans” you the money to complete your purchase
  4. TD Bank charges you $35
  5. And the best part is this – you won’t find out about the overdraft for a few days, so you’ll keep using your card and incurring more overdraft charges until you realize your account went into the red!

TD Bank is SO AFRAID of losing that $35 overdraft fee that they’re trying to hype this “TD Debit Card Advance” as a feature that you desperately need so you can go on living your normal life!  They think you’d rather pay them $35 than to be “embarrassed” while buying bread at the grocery store!

It would be one thing if they only mentioned once or twice that there is this new requirement that you have to sign up for by August 14th if you want to continue with this form of “overdraft protection”, but they’ve been hounding us for months now.  I can’t imagine how much money they’ve spent on trying to promote this idiotic “service”!?!

If you are a TD Bank customer, I urge you to consider the kind of company you’re trusting your money to.  Are they looking out for you, the customer?  Or do they really only have their own interests in mind???