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Hey McDonald’s – you call that bacon?!?

$1.69 worth of bacon at McDonald’s:


$1.52 worth of bacon at Whole Foods:


You get about 8 fairly thick slices from Whole Foods for the same price as 2 anemically thin slices from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s used to charge $.69 for their “side of bacon”.  Then it went up to $.99.  Then it went up to $1.29.  Then it went up to $1.69!! McDonald’s: What are you thinking?!?

Need I say more?!?

LifeLock apparently doesn’t take security seriously?!?

I had to laugh when I saw a TV ad for LifeLock.  They talk about how they are “Relentlessly Protecting Your Identity”, and then they say “If you sign up now, we’ll give you this free shredder to help you secure your discarded documents”.


Really?!?  A strip shredder?  You call that SECURE???  I don’t think so!  That is the favorite shredder of criminals because it makes you (their potential victim) FEEL safe when you use it, but makes it OH SO EASY for them to reassemble your document(s) should the need arise!

Note how this page states: “Pretty much useless. My kids could put the document back together.”

Come on LifeLock – get serious and don’t offend people by treating them like idiots!

Printers that force you to use “genuine” ink cartridges!?!

Another pet peeve of mine – printer manufacturers that make printers that will only accept their OVERPRICED “genuine” ink cartridges.  I have an Epson Artisan 837 printer.  It’s a nice printer.  I had the Epson Artisan 800 before this, and it worked well.  I was able to buy cheap cloned ink for that printer, and while it whined every now and then about the ink cartridges not being genuine, it used them and they worked well for the most part.

It’s bad enough that this error has to pop up in the middle of printing a document that is ALL BLACK AND WHITE, so it shouldn’t need any MAGENTA ink:

Replace cartridge

Now, with the 837, it appears Epson decided to get a lot more strict about the ink cartridges they accept?!?  I put in one of the clone ink cartridges, and I get the following message:


I picked Epson because their ink cartridges are not nearly as expensive as HP and others, but to simply reject clone ink because they want to sell their own is stupid.  Now I have to run off to Staples to buy some magenta ink just so I can finish printing my black and white document!


I HATE my Samsung Galaxy S II

Have I mentioned that I HATE my Samsung Galaxy S II?  Well, I do!!  I keep seeing these posts and ads on Facebook saying “<your friends> Like Samsung” and it drives me NUTS!  I got this Samsung Galaxy S II last March when I switched back to Sprint.  I was considering getting a new iPhone, but the guys at the store said “this is the best phone out there…”, and like a fool, I decided to be open-minded and try something new.  “Best phone out there…”?  I don’t think so.

In one of the software / firmware updates, they removed the “Contacts” button from the main phone screen.

Their mail client software SUCKS!  I can’t send emails with it.  I can’t open my (imap) mail folders.  I can’t use proper encryption with it.

The NBA app keeps crashing.

The battery charge indicator just disappears sometimes until I reboot the phone.

Sprint pops up with messages trying to promote their stuff (so, to me, it’s spam that I can’t turn off).

And why does it seem that reception on the Samsung phone is lacking when a Sprint based iPhone 1 foot away seems to work just fine?!?!?

Why didn’t I just go with the iPhone?!?

Print what I see!

I hate it when I visit a web site, see something I like or some details I want to keep, then print the web page, only to find that the printed version of the web page looks nothing like the screen version!  What’s up with that???  And why would someone write a browser (I use FireFox) that doesn’t just give you WYSIWYP (what you see is what you print)?!?  Geez!

TD Bank promotes overdraft fees as an “essential service”!

TD Bank (my soon-to-be EX-bank) has been promoting their “TD Debit Card Advance” ever since new legislation made it illegal for them to force overdraft protection on Debit cards without authorization of the account owner.

TD Bank's ad for "TD Debit Card Advance"

TD Bank’s ad for “TD Debit Card Advance”

This is how it works:

  1. You attempt to purchase something using your ATM/Debit card
  2. You don’t have enough money in the account (for whatever reason) to cover the charge
  3. TD Bank “loans” you the money to complete your purchase
  4. TD Bank charges you $35
  5. And the best part is this – you won’t find out about the overdraft for a few days, so you’ll keep using your card and incurring more overdraft charges until you realize your account went into the red!

TD Bank is SO AFRAID of losing that $35 overdraft fee that they’re trying to hype this “TD Debit Card Advance” as a feature that you desperately need so you can go on living your normal life!  They think you’d rather pay them $35 than to be “embarrassed” while buying bread at the grocery store!

It would be one thing if they only mentioned once or twice that there is this new requirement that you have to sign up for by August 14th if you want to continue with this form of “overdraft protection”, but they’ve been hounding us for months now.  I can’t imagine how much money they’ve spent on trying to promote this idiotic “service”!?!

If you are a TD Bank customer, I urge you to consider the kind of company you’re trusting your money to.  Are they looking out for you, the customer?  Or do they really only have their own interests in mind???

Remember when Chunky Soups were, well… CHUNKY?!?

Remember when Campbell’s first came out with Chunky Soups?  Remember how they were more chunky and less soupy?!?  Man, they were CHUNKY! They were so thick you couldn’t pour the soup out of the can, you had to spoon it out!

Not any more.  I suspect Campbell’s doesn’t think we’re smart enough to notice how the product has reverted back to just a normal soup over the years?  It’s barely chunky any more!!

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