I don’t get it.  The Central Intelligence Agency is supposed to be an elite government agency with (I’m assuming) the best hackers in the world.  So WHY does their “Contact CIA” page prevent a user from submitting information if it includes anything more than letters, digits, a comma (even the comma is questionable) or a period?!?  Seriously, I was trying to send them a URL on their “Contact CIA” form at this address:


Every time I submitted my comment (regardless of how I tried to sanitize the URL and other information so they’d accept it), I’d get the following error: (click to see the readable screen dump of the form)

Bad CIA Form

There must be an entry in the message field for this form to be accepted.

Really?!?  Sure, as LAME as it is, your contact page states “Our form does not accept keyboard characters commonly used to illicitly enter computer systems. We sincerely regret the inconvenience.”, but you can’t take commas and colons because someone might hack your site with them?!?!?  Maybe the terrorists have won???