Yahoo! is no longer offering it’s users any form of support.  In an attempt to send an email to a Yahoo! customer, I received a message stating that my email was blocked for policy reasons.  When I forwarded that email to Customer Support, indicating that they were erroneously blocking my email, and I got this response:

Notice that it concludes with “Thank you for reaching out to us.  We look forward to helping you!”.  Yeah, right!   I went to the Yahoo! hompage, looked for the HELP link at the bottom of the page, searched for appropriate “support topic”, and when I couldn’t find it, I clicked on the “Still Need Help?  Contact Customer Care” button, and THIS is what I get:

“ATTENTION: Yahoo! no longer provides technical assistance for this issue.”  REALLY?!?!  You should have stopped at “Yahoo! no longer provides technical assistance”!!  Who do they think they are – Google?!?  :o)