Have I mentioned that I HATE my Samsung Galaxy S II?  Well, I do!!  I keep seeing these posts and ads on Facebook saying “<your friends> Like Samsung” and it drives me NUTS!  I got this Samsung Galaxy S II last March when I switched back to Sprint.  I was considering getting a new iPhone, but the guys at the store said “this is the best phone out there…”, and like a fool, I decided to be open-minded and try something new.  “Best phone out there…”?  I don’t think so.

In one of the software / firmware updates, they removed the “Contacts” button from the main phone screen.

Their mail client software SUCKS!  I can’t send emails with it.  I can’t open my (imap) mail folders.  I can’t use proper encryption with it.

The NBA app keeps crashing.

The battery charge indicator just disappears sometimes until I reboot the phone.

Sprint pops up with messages trying to promote their stuff (so, to me, it’s spam that I can’t turn off).

And why does it seem that reception on the Samsung phone is lacking when a Sprint based iPhone 1 foot away seems to work just fine?!?!?

Why didn’t I just go with the iPhone?!?