Wow!  Talk about stupid.  Here’s a new scam for people who want to scam other people!  (actually, it’s a new twist on an old scam)  This  guy claims to be posting a “How to Hack into PayPal” blog entry.

(I don’t now how long the blog will actually be available?)

They claim you can get info on someone else’s PayPal account by using a “special email address” and by formatting your email just the right way!  They claim this works with any target PayPal account that uses Yahoo! or Hotmail account.

What they’re really doing is betting on the greed of the victim and having them send their own PayPal email address and password (along with the “target’s” PayPal email address) via this special email in order to “fool” the PayPal email processing system into giving the victim the account info for some other PayPal account.

I can’t say I’d feel too bad for the people who are dumb enough to fall for this scam because the premise is that they (the real victim in this situation) are trying to illegally obtain information about someone else’s PayPal account.

Don’t worry people – there’s plenty of stupid to go around…